AMG President &
Staff Manager

President and founding member of Aconcagua Mountain Guides, Federico has worked in absolutely all aspects of Aconcagua planning and leadership throughout his career. From Mountain Guide to Base Camp Manager, Freddy has touched every aspect of the expedition. His job as President is to make sure that our organization works towards excellence, attending our client’s needs in a support role, guaranteeing to everyone that chooses AMG the professionalism and quality they deserve. He is also responsible for overseeing the hiring, training and assembling the team (new guides, basecamp staff, porters, etc.) to later help them solve the problems they face in the hard and unpredictable environment in which they perform, When he is not with his feet and thoughts on Aconcagua, he is dedicated to teaching English and writing. Freddy has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, joining both combining mountaineering expeditions with trips through the jungle.



Operations Manager

Carlos (Charly to everyone) is AMG’s Operation Manager with many tasks falling to his responsibilities. Our Ops Manager is in charge of buying and preparing all the material resources of the company, organizing our mules operation in Puquios, and coordinating the proper use and maintenance of those resources in the mountain, making sure that the staff has everything they need to operate. Charly is a mountain guide as well with great heart, optimism, spirituality and a wide career that ranges from the Base Camp Management to Human Resources. He has an extraordinary talent for problem solving in the field, and an unlimited capacity to work unit the job is done. But what best describes him is his huge enthusiasm, that has made him known by everybody on the mountain. Father of two daughters, he dedicates his remaining time to his family and participates in a great deal of community service.

Geronimo Siri


Administration & Process

Geronimo’s has the large task of overseeing administration and finances for AMG, equipping managers of AMG to constantly improve our logistics and operation.

He is a frank and dedicated man with more than 15 years of accounting for mountain companies, a task that truly requires an exhaustive knowledge of all the variables in a very particular field of work. Because of his experience and pragmatism, he has become a source of consultation for different entrepreneurs of the mountain and considered a leading resource for Aconcagua logistics.

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Logistics Manager

As Logistics Manager, Gabriel always puts his wide experience on Aconcagua on the frontline, working closely with staff to keep the season running smoothly. Gabriel oversees our Base Camps and logistic center in Puquios. He also coordinates and manages all departure information during the climbing season, so that our logistics run smoothly according to plan. He is a true believer in teamwork, and his serene character always provides confidence and calm in the heat of action. Gabriel speaks fluently in English and French, and has a vast experience in both teaching and sports training.

Flavia Justell


Sales Manager

Our customer service and sales maven, Flavia has a bring a wealth of experience assisting climbers at all levels in getting set for Aconcagua. She works very closely with every client, insuring providing quick answers and accurate information, as she has a deep understanding as to the variety of interests and needs. Her goal is to exceed clients expectations, and this is a goal widely achieved. Flavia has a knack for creating strong, long-lasting customer relationships with mountain companies around the world, partnering with them tailoring programs to their needs She knows (and remembers!) every one of the hundreds of clients that visit us every year, and through her generosity and commitment, she shows how much she enjoys her work. Flavia and her family live in Mendoza, where she spends her weekends enjoying her three beautiful children.

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Basecamp Manager

Bruno started his Aconcagua career as a mounting cook though he is a Chef with a degree from one of the best culinary schools in Mendoza! After several years working on Aconcagua, his management skills and conflict resolution have really come to fruition making him an exceptional leader and invaluable resource. Today he works as a basecamp manager in both Plaza Argentina and Plaza de Mulas, depending on the needs of the company, handling the operation of a very complex on mountain world. He handles not only the operation of our expeditions, but also the necessities of every climber or trekker that arrives to the basecamp, coordinating information, attending needs and serving all kinds of groups, including the synchronization with Mendoza and Puente del Inca for secure and swift evacuations when required. Bruno also has his own rock band and is a true connoisseur of music, as well as an amateur astronomer.

Juan Araya


Guides Coordinator

Juan has spent the last 20 years working as a professional guide. Today he is one of the most respected guides of Mount Aconcagua, with more than 40 peaks on the highest peak of the American continent, among many other important peaks that he has ascended throughout his long career. He is also known in the local environment for his undeniable professional ability and outstanding climbing curriculum, but also for his ability to transmit his extensive knowledge, working as a teacher at the Provincial Mountain School, cradle of the best guides of Argentina in the last 25 years. His job as a guide coordinator is to help transmit the values of AMG to our guides Staff, coordinating and auditing them in the mountain, to guarantee the quality of service and maintain the highest standards of safety, professionalism and commitment.

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Supplies Purchase Manager

The person in charge of purchasing for an expedition company has the challenging task of managing the supply of the camps. Sebastián has been in the shopping area for years, knows all the suppliers in the province of Mendoza and knows what our people need in the mountains. This characteristic makes it an invaluable element in our structure, not only for its tireless work capacity, but also for its commitment to ensure that our camps and logistic bases are always well provisioned.

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