Our Depot, Mule Ranch, also known as “Los Puquios,” lies near the entrance of the park and is the residence for all of our Arrieros, logistical staff, and over 140 mules during the climbing season. Los Puquios provides a safe and convenient place to store climbing gear so it can be quickly sent up to the camps. Our administrative staff is very conscientious in making sure your gear is delivered to the right location safely and on time.


Although mules have been used to carry as much as 180 kg, we limit loads for our mules to 60 kg so as they can move comfortably in the mountain and maintain good health. They are amazingly sure-footed and have tremendous endurance. AMG takes great pride in how we care for our mules. The arrieros make sure all mules are well-fed, have proper rest between carries, and regular veterinarian visits.


Clients may send luggage to Los Puquios and we will transport it to any of our three camps at Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, and Plaza Argentina on the day that you request. We have permanent staff at each camp to receive your luggage and store it safely until you arrive.

When descending back to a Base Camp from your summit attempt, contact us by radio to reserve mules for the return journey back to Los Puquios. This will allow us to have mules ready at your time of departure.


Hiring mule service with ACONCAGUA MOUNTAIN GUIDES includes the following:

  • Storage room in Los Puquios and Base Camps.
  • Vehicle transportation from your lodging in Penitentes to the beginning of the trek. (Horcones Valley or Vacas Valley)
  • Clean, new toilets in our Base Camps.
  • Transport of trash and human waste from Base Camp to Los Puquios for disposal. (Staff in Base Camps will sign your climbing permit as proof that our company will be responsible for all garbage.)

We recommended bringing a duffle bag to cover luggage carried by mules and covering the ends of ice axes and crampons to avoid injury to the mules or arrieros.

For pricing information about our mule services please contact us at

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