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When climbing Anconcagua, it is important to realize that at 6,960 m (22,841 ft.), Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas and the highest peak outside of Asia. Its name translates from the Quechua word “Akon-Kahuak,” which means Stone Sentinel. The mountain lives up to this reputation as it towers over the heart of the Andes on the border between Chile and Argentina. The surrounding lowlands rise up to 4,000 m (13,123 ft.) and are host to beautiful desert landscapes that include a diverse range of flora and fauna. Our expertise in climbing Anconcagua and guiding this mountain gives both novice and experienced climbers an excellent opportunity for a successful expedition.

Why Climb with AMG?


Normal Route

This is the most common route for climbing Aconcagua. It is a more direct ascent with shorter distances and times between camps—three to four hours as compared to five to seven hours on the Polish Traverse Route. During the climb, we will spend eight of sixteen nights on the mountain in the comfort of our well-equipped Base Camps at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas.

Our climbing package includes porters to assist climbers in moving gear up the mountain, (porters carry group gear) and our acclimatization process includes a summit attempt of Mt. Bonete (launched from Plaza de Mulas Base Camp) that takes climbers above 5,000 m (16,404 ft.). The combination of our high-quality Base Camps, porter support, and additional acclimatization time allows those climbing Aconcagua an excellent chance of reaching the summit. This route is non-technical.

Polish Glacier Traverse Route

Often called the “Polish Traverse 360,” this route completely circumnavigates Aconcagua. We will ascend the Polish Route from the east and descend via the Normal Route to the west. When climbing Aconcagua on this route, you’ll have a wonderfully dynamic experience, as we will travel on varied terrain with ever-changing views.

The Polish Glacier Traverse is a more challenging ascent than the Normal Route, with just rewards, as we have longer distances and travel times between the camps above Base Camp (five to seven hours on the Polish Traverse Route as compared to three to four hours on the Normal Route). This route is a non-technical climb.

Private Aconcagua Climbs

There are many reasons to choose a Private Climb:

  • Climb with your friends and family only.
  • Choose the starting date you prefer.
  • Customize your itinerary and services to suit your specific needs.

Aconcagua Mountain Guides is always willing to accommodate your desires. Our guides enjoy working with families and groups of friends. We will work with you to design the program that best suits your needs.

For more information click on the Private Climbs Tab above or contact us at to get started.

Shorter Aconcagua Climbs

There are many opportunities for well-acclimated individuals able to climb more quickly to shorten climbing times. Contact us at to get started.


Normal Route

$4,920.00  April through Dec.
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Per person, double occupancy
Includes porters
See itinerary for details on porter services provided.
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Polish Traverse 360 Route

$4,920.00 April through Dec.

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Per person, double occupancy
Includes porters
See itinerary for details on porter services provided.
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2024/2025 Climbing Schedule

Normal Route

26-Nov – 14 Dec
05 Dec – 23 Dec
12 Dec – 30 Dec
22 Dec – 09 Jan
28 Dec – 15 Jan
03 Jan – 21 Jan
10 Jan – 28 Jan
16 Jan – 03 Feb
24 Jan – 11 Feb
06 Feb – 24 Feb
13 Feb – 03 Mar

Polish Traverse 360 Route

04 Dec – 23 Dec
11 Dec – 30 Dec
21 Dec – 09 Jan
02 Jan – 21 Jan
09 Jan – 28 Jan
15 Jan – 03 Feb
23 Jan – 11 Feb
05 Feb – 24 Feb
12 Feb – 03 Mar

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