Expedition Briefing

    According to most dictionary’s definitions, a briefing is a meeting at which information or instructions are given to people, especially before they do something. To us, our Aconcagua Expedition briefing is more than that. First of all, it’s the first contact between our climbers and the guides and company staff. Before that, most of the information is just an exchange of e-mails and phone calls between our sales team and those interested in signing up. Hence, the expedition briefing is the first – but not the only – opportunity that climbers have to ask questions of all sort: Do we need to carry our own toilet paper? How much water do we need to drink in the high camps? What time do we leave the last high camp on summit day? How many hours do we walk on the summit day? Literally, in a briefing, we can have dozens of questions. And, like we always say, the only bad question is the one we don’t ask. But let’s review what we explain in the briefing, and especially how is briefing day.

    Once the passengers arrive at the hotel, they make the check-in and get to their assigned rooms. Depending on their arrival time, some of them get the chance of getting some sleep or walk around Mendoza city for a while. read more…

    Activities in Mendoza

    Aconcagua is located in Argentina, in a province called Mendoza. A bustling city of wide, leafy avenues, many squares to spend some time and cosmopolitan cafes.  Mendoza is a deeply nice place called “The Land of the Sun and the Good Wine” because it is sunny most of the time, it rarely rains, and it is one of the main cities in the world that produces and exports thousands of liters of wine every year.

    If you have some free days after your expedition, there are some activities you can make to enjoy this beautiful city; among them Cacheuta Hot Spring Spa Day Trip, Hop-On Hop-Off Wine Tour, or a Mendoza City Tour.

    We will give you some more information about each one of them, so you start living the experience.

    Cacheuta Hot Spring Spa Day Trip:

    Cacheuta is a place located in the Andes mountains beside the Mendoza River, one hour far from Mendoza city.

    This is a spectacular place that gives you the possibility of intense relaxation after an expedition in Aconcagua. You’ll find infinity pools of fresh natural water shimmering on mountainside terrace. Besides, you’ll be able to spend the day exploring the hydrotherapy thermal circuit, waterfalls, whirlpools, bubble bed and footbaths. Moreover, the environment is unique, so you will find yourself with a mixture of pleasant sensations, floating in a bubbling thermal bath, dipping in a pool of refreshingly cool water, and listening to the river surging below.

    read more…

    Best Time of Year to Climb Aconcagua.

    When is the best time of year to go to Aconcagua? Summit attempts are permitted from mid-November until the last days of February, due to the extremely harsh weather conditions such as low temperature and intense snowfalls starting in autumn until early spring. The trekking permits to enter the park (to the base camps only) are given until Easter. The High Season in the Park starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of January. During this period of time, the amount of mountaineers increases as a result of more stable weather conditions, increasing the possibilities of success in reaching the summit. AMG will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits to enter the Park.

    Basecamp assembly has started on the mountain.

    AMG is the first company in the Aconcagua Park. Those small cities that we call basecamps are being assembled according to schedule, to make sure that everything is perfect when our expeditions and trekkers arrive. Brand new wood floors, more tents and a revamped logistic to ensure a great season for all our guests from all over the world.


    Next Season Climbing Aconcagua

    Aconcagua park is open from November 20th, 2018 to February 20th, 2019. We’ve already organized 20 scheduled expeditions to climb Aconcagua between those dates. Last season the summit success rate of our teams was 84%. We’re very proud of this!

    What date is the best one for you? And what route will you take? Join us and enjoy an unforgettable experience. AMG… Aconcagua Guiding Experts. For more information, visit us at https://aconcaguamountainguides.com/

    Friday Quote

    ‘Somewhere in your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view!’


    Headlamps – Whenever you try to climb a mountain, a headlamp is primary. To climb Aconcagua, we suggest you bring a modern outdoor LED headlamp offering 90-200 lumens of output, fresh, installed batteries plus spare batteries. Weather-resistant models are strongly preferred.

    Write us for more information: https://aconcaguamountainguides.com/

    Climbing Aconcagua – Base Camps

    AMG has 3 well-established camps run by an experienced and conscientious bilingual staff allowing us to provide a very high level of comfort and care. It is important to have a good place to rest and eat nutritious meals before heading up the mountain. Our staff takes great pride in providing these services.

    All camps are fully equipped with WIFI, showers, dining tents containing tables, chairs, table clothes, silver wear, and electric lights. All camps have secure storage tents, clean toilets and charging stations for phones and computers.

    Personal tent platforms are already established which saves considerable time and energy for climbing groups when they arrive.

    Are you wondering what’s the weather like in Mt. Aconcagua?

    We can guarantee it’s extremely variable, shifting from sunny mornings with mild winds to strong blizzards.

    So, in this post, we will try to describe as clearly as possible how the weather is like in the different altitudes of our expedition program to conquer Mt. Aconcagua summit.

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