Porter service refers to the assistance with the transportation of gear to the different High Camps to reduce the amount of weight climbers carry each day on the mountain. Over the last 10 years, Aconcagua porter services have become widely used, and today the number of climbers who hire this service outnumbers the ones who don’t. It has greatly increased the success rate for summiting Aconcagua.


AMG porters are primarily extremely fit young climbers training to become future mountain guides. Porting loads allows them to earn an income while gaining the necessary climbing experience required to becoming a guide. The process to become a junior certified guide usually calls for three to four years of extensive training.

HOW IT WORKSAt each of our Base Camps (Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina), we maintain a staff of high-altitude porters who are extremely professional and understand the importance of assisting you with your gear up the mountain. We have designed an easy-to-use and clearly defined porter system, where loads are priced by which camp the porter is carrying to, as well as the weight of the load. Note: Porters will also carry human waste and trash back down to Base Camp for disposal. When you hire a porter to the High Camps, you can also ask for help setting up your tent for an extra cost of USD $35.

Employing porters is a great option for reducing the load for climbers.

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Leaving Camp Aconcagua

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