AMG has three well-established camps run by an experienced and conscientious bilingual staff, allowing us to provide a very high level of comfort and care. It is important to have a good place to rest and eat nutritious meals before heading up the mountain. Our staff takes great pride in providing these services. Our Aconcagua Base Camp services are free of charge for those who order meal services.

Dining Tent Argentina

Aconcagua Base Camp Services


Aconcagua base camp services include a number of different amenities. All camps are fully equipped with dining tents containing tables, chairs, table clothes, silver wear, and electric lights. All camps have secure storage tents, clean toilets, and charging stations for phones and computers. Personal tent platforms are already established which saves considerable time and energy for climbing groups when they arrive.


All our base and approach camps are connected with a communication system via VHF radio frequency or satellite phone. This allows us to facilitate the smooth movement of gear and to assist those coming off the mountain whether scheduled or unscheduled in a timely manner. Should an emergency occur we are in close contact with the Rangers and the helicopter service to move climbers efficiently to additional services off the mountain.

The Provincial Park has medical facilities in both Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina operated by doctors with experience in high altitude and emergency medicine. AMG has additional medical equipment which includes: portable oxygen, emergency first aid kits, and digital oximeters.


In all of our base camps we have large tents used to provide dormitory service. They have bunk beds with mattresses and carpeted floors. This service requires advanced reservations for those climbers who would prefer to sleep in a bed during their stay.

For pricing information about our base camp services please contact us at


Confluencia: (3,990 m) an intermediate camp on the way to Plaza de Mulas. Usually two nights are spent here for acclimatization.

Plaza de Mulas: (4,350m) base camp for the Normal Route of Aconcagua. Climbers usually spend between 3 and 5 nights for acclimatization and one on return from the summit.

Plaza Argentina: (4190m) base camp for the Polish Traverse. Climbers usually spend 4 nights acclimatizing and moving loads before moving to higher camps.

Both Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina have these additional Amenities:

  • WI-FI THROUGHOUT: We provide fast internet services throughout these camps that can be purchased by the hour and accessed by your smart phone or computer.
  • SHOWERS: Hot showers can be provided during the day and is a great way to get the dust o ff and relax.
Tents at Base Camp
Dormitory Base Camp
Breakfast Base Camp
Making Breakfast Base Camp

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