THE AMG ADVANTAGE – Setting us apart from other guide services

AMG’s staff and guides have a 36-year history of organizing and leading successful climbing and trekking expeditions to the summit of Aconcagua. AMG employs outstanding guides, and provides excellent Base Camp services, well-appointed gear, and itineraries that allow for proper acclimatization so each climber has an excellent chance of reaching the summit. Our level of care, commitment to quality, and focus on each climber’s experience have always been the hallmarks of our operation.

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Our guides, known to be the finest on the mountain, lead not only AMG climbs, but also trips for other renowned guide services in our industry. Several of our lead guides have ascended Aconcagua over 30 times, and all are certified by AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides), and the EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides) — the two highest certifications in Argentina. All of our guides are well-vetted, as we believe guides play a vital role in our clients’ experience, and we understand our reputation truly lies in their hands.

We guarantee our guides have an thorough knowledge of the mountain, are well-trained, and understand the personal nuances of guiding others (great climbers do not always make great guides)

Learn more about our expert guides on our About Us pages.

Small teams and guide ratio

On both the Normal and Polish Traverse Routes, our expeditions are limited to 12 climbers and are often smaller. Our climber-to-guide ratio is one guide for every three to four team members on the mountain. Small teams with low climber-to-guide ratios allow us to more readily assist climbers, which translates to higher rates of successful climbs to the summit.

Itineraries with adequate acclimatization days

We offer a 20-day, round-trip program from Mendoza, which is longer than programs other companies offer. The additional time we spend on the mountain increases your chance of successfully reaching the summit, and is a prime example of how we put quality first. Extra days allow us to wait out bad weather or have extra rest days if needed. Other teams might retreat early because they have run out of time or have moved too quickly up the mountain, which often causes climbers to become ill. If we finish on time or early, you will have time to enjoy the beautiful city of Mendoza and surrounding wine county, or fly home. See Climbing Itineraries for both Normal and Polish Traverse Routes.

Porter assistance

We employ porters at no additional cost to carry part of our group climbing gear on the mountain to keep climbers’ backpacks at reasonable weights. They will also carry human waste and trash back to Base Camps, move tents between all camps, and carry all group gear between Camp Canada and Nido de Cóndores. If you would like to hire additional porters to carry all your gear between camps, you can do so at an extra cost. Most climbers packs are about 40lbs.

Base Camp Services

AMG has three well-established Base Camps that provide a very high level of comfort and care. These camps are:
– Confluencia
– Plaza de Mulas
– Plaza Argentina

All camps are fully equipped with dining tents, tables, chairs, light, storage tents, clean toilets, electrical charging stations, and platforms to set up sleeping tents, as well as dormitory tents with bunk beds. The camps are run by a very conscientious and experienced bilingual staff and include professional chefs to prepare your meals. Other amenities at both Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina include:
– Wi-Fi throughout the camp
– Showers

AMG Base Camp, Plaza Argentina

AMG Base Camp, Plaza Argentina

Asada (Barbaque) at Pampa de Lenas

Asada (Barbaque) at Pampa de Lenas

Climbing Aconcagua - Aconcagua Mountain Guides

Happy climbers after a good meal at base camp

Owning our own resources

At AMG, we own all of our logistical services, including Base Camps, climbing gear, and mules, which allows us to operate quality trips at competitive prices.

  • AMG owns offices and depots in both Mendoza and at the entrance of the park. Climbers can utilize services at each of these depots. Our full-time, well-trained staff are ready to address your needs, whether in Mendoza or on the mountain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We own over 140 mules, which allows us to easily transport all of your equipment and supplies to our base camps.

Environmental stewardship and ethics

AMG holds itself to the highest standards of environmental practices. We support the Provincial Park’s mission to preserve natural resources. Some of our commitments to this endeavor include:

  • Employing porters to remove all human waste from the mountain and then having it helicoptered out of the park for disposal.
  • Removing all trash from the mountain, with AMG mules carrying it out of the park for
  • Using LNT (Leave No Trace) principles throughout the
  • Caring for our mules with annual medical checkups and sufficient rest days between trips up the mountain.

AMG Commitment

Climbing Aconcagua is a large undertaking requiring a commitment to training, time away from work, and financial expense. We understand your commitment and are dedicated to providing you the best opportunity to reach the summit. There may be many personal reasons to choose a particular guide service, but the four main considerations of any guide service should include: 1. A company’s safety record, 2. Quality of guides, 3. Logistics in-country, and 4. The extent to which a company offers pre-trip planning assistance. AMG is a leader in all these areas.

Please feel free to contact us at

More than 30 years of experience

Aconcagua Mountain Guides (AMG) is a full-service company offering a complete range of logistical services as well as guided climbs of both the Polish Traverse and the Normal Route of Aconcagua. AMG is an Argentine company based in Mendoza whose administrative staff has over 30 years of operational experience on Aconcagua. We provide logistical services and climbing expeditions for other renowned companies.

In the last 12 years alone, we have operated 500 commercial expeditions to climb Aconcagua with 3,500 climbers from around the world. In addition, we have supplied logistical support to over 800 climbers.

Our summit success rate and safety record are both the best in the industry. We continue to review programs for safety, customer satisfaction, and environmental practices.

AMG Philosophy and business practices

Our philosophy is to offer the highest standard of service to our clients and cater to each individual’s needs. We maintain a high standard of business ethics with all companies and people we do business with and provide good salaries to all our staff.

AMG is a strong advocate for the environment and the protection of Provincial Park’s natural resources. We remove all human waste and trash from the mountain by mules and then have it helicoptered out of the park for disposal.

We take very good care of our animals (we own over 140 mules), giving them quality feed, regular veterinarian check-ups and plenty of rest between carries to Base Camps.


AMG has an excellent safety record. When making decisions or organizing expeditions, we focus on safety first. All staff members take part in our risk management and emergency response programs to ensure each expedition and trek is as safe and rewarding as it can be on the mountain. Our staff, both in the office and on the field, are ready to respond to emergencies if necessary. Within our own teams and the general climbing public, we are committed to safety on the mountain.

All AMG guides are medically trained and carry first-aid kits to handle emergency situations that may arise on the mountain (this is important not just for emergencies, but for making decisions that will help clients properly acclimatize and stay fit). All teams have emergency oxygen with them at all times, even while climbing between camps. All guides carry VHF radios to communicate with other guides and Base Camps, giving them the ability to get weather forecasts, or request additional porters or assistance in case of emergency.


All our base and approach camps are equipped with a system of communication via radio frequency, VHF, and phone. The aim is to be permanently connected with the headquarters in Mendoza city and with all our expeditions on the mountain. This allows us to facilitate those coming off the mountain whether scheduled or unscheduled in a timely manner. Should an emergency occur we are in close contact with Rangers and the helicopter service to move climbers efficiently to additional services off the mountain.

Mules & AMG's Los Puquios Depot

AMG owns a climbing depot/mule ranch at Los Puquios, which is near the entrance of the park, allowing us to provide safe gear storage and the ability to quickly send gear up or down the mountain. All 140 mules are based here, as are our “arrieros” (mule drivers) and a full-time staff to manage loads and assist groups. We can provide freezer space for food for those companies making multiple trips or who need fast resupplies.

Our depot at Los Puquios, near the entrance of Aconcagua Provincial Park

Rounding up mules in Los Puquios to carry gear

Highest quality gear on the mountain

We use the highest quality climbing gear and all our equipment is well-maintained and replaced regularly. We are fortunate to have good relations with many gear manufactures around the world, allowing us access to the best climbing gear in the industry. We are the only company whose entire fleet of tents are North Face VE 25.

North Face VE 25 Tents on the mountain.

Helicopter services

We work directly with the only helicopter service on the mountain. We are able to call them anytime for a rescue, or to make arrangments for people who would rather fly down from Base Camps instead of hiking out. Many of our clients charter helicopter tours around the mountain. There are incredible views and excellent photo opportunities from the air.

Helicopter at Plaza de Mulas

Transport services

AMG can arrange all transportation needs for climbers while in Argentina, including airport pickups, round-trip transportation from Mendoza to Aconcagua, or any other excursions, such as tours to beautiful Argentinian wineries.

24 Hour assistance

As we are a local outfitter with strategic points of communication and can solve any unexpected issue that might occur, and we offer 24/7 bilingual service. We have a staff of professionals and experts who are available to assist whenever necessary, before, during, or after your expedition.

Base Camp medical facilities

Both in Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina, the Provincial Park has medical facilities operated by doctors with experience in high-altitude and emergency medicine. AMG has additional medical equipment, which includes: portable oxygen, emergency first-aid kits, and digital oximeters. All teams have emergency oxygen at all times, including when climbing between camps. Our staff pay careful attention to every climber and will be ready to assist if they detect any mountain sickness problems or other health concerns.

Giving Back

AMG is committed to working with a variety of social institutions and scientific research to build a better world. The government of Argentina has acknowledged our social contributionss with distinctions. Some of our efforts include the following:

  • For more than 3 years we have been assisting teachers and directors from a kindergarten that serves low-income children. Each year, when classes start, we make important donations of food, supplies, and clothing that they use both for activities in the classroom, and to help compensate for some of the children’s basic necessities.
  • We have joined with Las Heras Municipality to establish a dining room for children and teenagers from Uspallata, the closest town to Aconcagua.
  • We donate medicine to the nursing section of the Argentinian Army Detachment in Puente del Inca. It is the only functioning medical facility in the zone.
  • We actively collaborate alongside Aconcagua’s Rescue Patrol with donations of technical material for rescue operations and participation in search and rescue services when needed.
  • For more than five years we have supported the SIGMA project, a project to investigate continental drift. In order to do this, scientists have installed censors in Mount Aconcagua – from the base to the summit ‒ that are monitored via satellite. This project is endorsed by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, and supported by other international educational institutions, such as Ohio State University, as well.

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