At AMG mountaineering is a way of life.  We love what we do and we enjoy sharing it with others.  Climbing Aconcagua is a big undertaking full of adventure, hard work and great rewards. Our goal is to provide you the best opportunity to experience this high mountain environment and reach the highest summit in the Americas in a safe and enjoyable manner.  We believe through our many years of guiding the mountain that we have developed an excellent program that achieves this goal better than any other company. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.


AMG has been setting standards for guiding and logistical services on Aconcagua for over three decades. Each year we improve our services using the latest technology and innovations in the outdoor industry.  AMG is known for its excellence in providing logistical services and climbing expeditions for some of the most renowned companies around the world.  Much of our knowledge has been acquired by working with these companies and sharing our knowledge with each other.


As a provider of guided expeditions on Aconcagua for the last 28 years, we are confident in saying, “Aconcagua Mountain Guides offers excellent guided expeditions as well as the highest quality and most comprehensive logistical services on the mountain”.

Todd Burleson,

President Alpine Ascents International



Our philosophy is to offer the highest standard of service to our clients and cater to each individual’s needs.  We maintain a high standard of business ethics with all companies and clients we work with. We provide clear and accurate descriptions of all our services, refund policies and inclusions. We want our climb to be what you expected and more.


At AMG, safety is of paramount concern. Climbing mountains have inherent risks but through careful planning we greatly reduce these risks and lead people into extraordinary environments providing them with life changing experiences. Mountaineering is all we do and we pride ourselves on the excellence of our safety record. When making decisions or organizing expeditions, safety is our primary focus. We have established a prevention program to ensure each expedition and trek is as safe as possible.


AMG is a strong advocate for the environment and the protection of the natural resources of our Provincial Park. One of our services we provide for all companies and individuals is the removal of human waste and trash from the mountain.  All waste is either carried by mules or helicoptered out of the Park for disposal.


We take great pride in the care of our animals, (we own over 140 mules), giving them quality feed, regular veterinarian checks ups and plenty of rest between carries to base camps.



AMG is committed to working with a variety of social institutions and scientific research to build a better world. We have been acknowledged by the government of Argentina with distinctions for our social contributions. The following are some of our efforts:

  • For more than 3 years, we have assisted teachers and directors from a kindergarten, which works with low-income children. Each year, when classes start, we make an important donation of food, supplies and clothing that they use for activities in the classroom and compensate some of the children’s basic necessities.
  • We have joined with Las Heras Municipality in a commitment to establish a dining room for children and teenagers from Uspallata, the closest town to Aconcagua.
  • We donate medicine to the nursing section of the Argentinian Army Detachment in Puente del Inca. It is the only functioning medical facility in the zone.
  • We actively collaborate alongside Aconcagua’s Rescue Patrol with donations of technical material for rescue operations and participate in search and rescue when needed.
  • We have given our support to SIGMA project for over five years, whose goal is to investigate the continental drift. In order to do this, they have installed censors in Mount Aconcagua – from the base to the summit ‒ which are monitored via satellite. This project is endorsed by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, and works with other international educational institutions such as Ohio State University.


Climbing Aconcagua is a large undertaking which requires your commitment to training, time away from work and financial expense.  We understand your commitment and are dedicated to providing you the best opportunity to reach the summit. There may be many personal reasons to choose a particular guide service, but there are four main areas of concern that you should consider: Safety Record, Guides, Logistics In-Country, and Pre-Trip Planning with the climber. AMG is the leader in all these areas.