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Pre-acclimatization consists on arriving some days before your expedition’s program starts.


We, together with you, will plan a program to take you to mountains over 4,000m, so that you can start the pre-acclimatization process.


This is how it works. If you expose your body to high altitude, it will start making the necessary adaptations to the point of getting the right acclimatization.


An average person is usually 80% acclimatized to the high altitude in around 12 days, so that he can properly climb Mount Aconcagua. Our scheduled expedition program takes into consideration this time before starting the ascent to the summit. But, if you are not sure you can accomplish it, the best option is to extend this period with just a few days of anticipation before the beginning of the expedition. In this way, you will considerably reduce your chance of being affected by AMS, which is the main reason why many climbers cannot complete their ascent to Aconcagua.


To perform a pre-acclimatization process means that you will improve the mechanisms of your body to deliver oxygen to the muscles, the recovery time after physical activity (you will sleep better) and your performance in the mountain, which is the main reason behind this program.


Our pre-acclimatization programs are at least 2 or 3 days long.


Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

Helicopter Flights


Now, you have the possibility of coming down from any base camp in Mt. Aconcagua in no more than 15 minutes, enjoying the great views from the Park is a fact.


If you want to add an extra adventure to your expedition, do not miss the opportunity to reserve a helicopter descend. Consult our prices and operating conditions.

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Suggested Extensions


Mount Aconcagua is a magnet that attracts thousands of tourists to our city.

However, not touring one of the greatest and most reputed “Wine Capitals of the World” when you come to Mendoza, would be an unforgivable mistake.

You must not leave our province without visiting around this beautiful wine estate, and also visit our prestigious Wineries.

In each visit, you will be surprised with the extraordinary variety of internationally renowned wines made in this generous soil.

You should definitely enjoy an unforgettable lunch in one of those wineries, while one of our professional tour guides shares all of his knowledge about the captivating world of wine.





You can enjoy a program that will give you the chance of being guided in the “Wine Culture” by experts, tasting incredible wines and traveling around vineyards.


The tour begins in the morning, when you will be picked up by a wine specialist tour guide that will escort you all along the trip.

After that, you will go to the region known as the Central Agricultural Oasis, where you will visit the previously selected Wineries, tour their facilities and enjoy a wine tasting of their wines.

The guide will show you the different wine varieties of the region, their making process, as well as the growing process, caring and bottling of each type of wine. You will also receive information about the irrigation and growing method.

At noon, the group will visit a third Winery to have a Traditional Argentinean Lunch, having the chance to practice the previously learned techniques on wine tasting. The guide will explain to the group the importance of the cork in the bottle and the proper use of a wine glass to enhance the sensory experience of wine.

Optionally, you can choose to visit an extra Wynyard after lunch.

In the afternoon, the group will return to the hotel.


Available Winery tours in the Central Area:

La Rural                                Tempus Alba

Finca Flichman                   CarinaE

Viña el Cerno                       Reyter

Tapaus                                   López

Navarro Correas                 Achaval Ferrer

Club Tapiz                            Catena Zapata

Alta Vista                              Nieto Senetiner

Cavas de Weinert                Luigi Bosca

Lagarde                                 Cap Vistalba

Fabre Montmayou              Chandon

Norton                                   La Andelia

Séptima                                 El Lagar de Carmelo Patti

Viniterra                                Dolium

Viña Amalia


Lunch in Wineries:

Ruca Malen                           Familia Zuccardi

Lagarde                                  Hacienda del Plata

Nieto Senetiner


Please contact our Customer Service Staff for further information.