If you have organized and arranged most of your expedition, and for safety reasons you only require the assistance of a guide, please contact us. We offer you the chance of having one of our guides for your expedition. One that will assure you all the experience and safety that only a guide from ACONCAGUA TREK can provide.


Our guides not only take people to the Summit. They are also experienced mountain men with many seasons in the field, selected among the best climbers from all around the country, and certified by AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and the EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides), which are the two of the most prestigious and renowned institutions regarding formation of mountain professionals.

When you hire our guiding service, you ensure that he will fulfill the highest standards of quality which are the base of our company. The working ethics, professionalism, safety principles and customer service that we apply in our own expeditions are also shared by all our guides.
Our guides… the greatest difference
Having one of our guides guarantees you the expertise to solve any kind of situation -regardless of its complexity-, but also a rapid response in the mountain in case of an emergency.


All of our guides are communicated with our base camps and the other members of ACONCAGUA TREK’S Staff (guides and porters), counting with the biggest logistical and operational back up of all Aconcagua Provincial Park, that has its own contingency plan to face any potential situation. This added value makes the whole difference between our guides and any other service you may hire.