The Aconcagua Provincial Park is located at 190 kilometers from Mendoza City, surrounded by the incredible landscape of the Central Andes. It was created in 1,983 to protect the flora, fauna and archeological material in the surroundings of the highest peak of America. With its 6,960m, it is the tallest mountain of the world outside the Asian Continent. Its name comes from que Quechua words “Akon-Kahuak”, that mean “Stone Centinel”.

Aconcagua is not -unlike other peaks in the area like Tupungato- of volcanic origin. Its raising is the consequence of the tectonic forces that shaped the Andes Mountain Range. Due to the dryness in the zone, only the high altitudes are covered with glaciers.


Because of its environmental characteristics, the Park is a cold and dry place all year round, with temperatures that shift from -5ºC at night to 20ºC at 3,000m during the day in summertime. As you gain height, temperature decreases and strong winds with gusts over 140 km/h are part of the conditions in the zone.


All of these things make the Aconcagua a great challenge for climbers from all over the world, and one of the top destinations for adventure lovers.


ACONCAGUA MOUNTAIN GUIDES offers you the chance to live and experience Aconcagua from the inside, from a trekking to an expedition to reach the summit. We are expecting you!