Headlamps РWhenever you try to climb a mountain, a headlamp is primary. To climb Aconcagua, we suggest you bring a modern outdoor LED headlamp offering 90-200 lumens of output, fresh, installed batteries plus spare batteries. Weather-resistant models are strongly preferred. Write us for more information:


Climbing Aconcagua – Base Camps

AMG has 3 well-established camps run by an experienced and conscientious bilingual staff allowing us to provide a very high level of comfort and care. It is important to have a good place to rest and eat nutritious meals before heading up the mountain. Our staff takes great pride in providing these services. All camps are fully equipped with WIFI,

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Are you wondering what’s the weather like in Mt. Aconcagua?

We can guarantee it’s extremely variable, shifting from sunny mornings with mild winds to strong blizzards. So, in this post, we will try to describe as clearly as possible how the weather is like in the different altitudes of our expedition program to conquer Mt. Aconcagua summit. Read more about Aconcagua weather in the full article.