Acotracker® is a tracking system with which the ACONCAGUA MOUNTAIN GUIDES Team keeps informed the relatives and friends of all the members of our scheduled expeditions.
By assigning a code to the expedition, you can follow it trough satellite maps and comments on the major developments, such as the general conditions of the group, weather forecast or activities since the first day of the program to the return to the city of Mendoza.
This system not only works as a safety tool, but also provides tranquility through the daily information uploaded to our website.



If you have a relative or a friend in one of our SCHEDULED EXPEDITIONS and want to have information about their adventure, please enter the security code:


    If the passenger in the expedition did not leave you the login code to the system, the company will not−under any circumstance−provide such information, for consider it confidential.

    Remember that the update is made every day at 9pm, local time (GMT-3). If you find any error or have any problem with the provided code, feel free to contact us.

    Sharing our experiences on the mountain is part of the adventure.