AMG Porter Staff

In our previous blog post, we talked about the porting system on our expeditions, the advantages of using porters, and the most common questions on the subject. The only thing left to talk about this topic is one of our greatest pride: AMG’s exceptional porter staff. That’s why we are going to elaborate a little more on them, since most of the times people who participate in an expedition or hire the service of porting don´t have the opportunity to interact with them, thus, not fully understand the importance of them in our structure, which is not limited only to transporting our clients’ cargo to the high camps. 

AMG Porter Staff To begin with, it is good to make clear that AMG porter staff are all students from Mendoza’s Guides School. The Guides School — or any other institution where they might be studying — provides them with theoretical and technical knowledge, but Aconcagua allows them to understand the trade to which they are going to dedicate themselves in the short term. It is also an excellent opportunity to train and keep fit because the daily climbing to the high camps gives them the possibility of being in direct contact with the reality of working with people from all over the world in the harsh environment of the mountain.  

All of them live in the Park during the season and stay in it according to the rotation organized by the Porters Manager of each base camp (there are only porters in Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina). Each of them has complete mountain gear and carries out their task equipped with a VHF radio to communicate with both the base camp and the guides in our expeditions. Finally, and this is not a minor issue, our team of porters is the backbone of our Contingency Plan, established to operate on the mountain in the event of an emergency or rescue operation. All of them are prepared and trained to assist our guides, the Aconcagua Mountain Rescue Patrol, and even the Park Rangers Service. The participation of our porters in any emergency is invaluable, AMG Porter Staffnot only because they have the strength and training capable of getting them to the emergency zone faster than anyone else but also because as they climb the mountain constantly, they are the ones who know it best in all weather conditions. In short, the best guide that anyone can ask for in Aconcagua is the one who worked as a porter before, and ours are. 

How many AMG porter staff are there in the base camp?

The number varies according to the time of the season. Each base camp has enough porters to supply the porting needs of all our expeditions. In any case, and as we explained above, this number fluctuates from the beginning to the end of the season, so that they can rest in the city when the Porters Manager so decides. 

After describing all they are and everything they do on the mountain, it is clear that our porters are much more than the task they perform. They are a key resource that helps to save lives and helps with the work in the basecamp. Anything else? Of course. They are the future AMG guides. All the summits to come to belong to them and to our clients. 


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