Top 20 Tips for a Safe & Successful Trip

Prepare in Advance

  1. Have a passport and necessary visas before departing for Argentina. Passport should be valid for at least six months after the time you leave Argentina.
  2. Physical fitness: Follow a regular training regime.  If not using porters, you should be able to carry a 50Lb pack for 3000 ft in 5 hours several days in a row. However, if you want to carry less weight every day be sure to book porters in advance.
  3. Have ALL ITEMS on the gear list and know how to use them.  Practice using your gear and make sure it fits comfortably.
  4. Be mentally prepared.  Plan to enjoy every day of the trip and set daily goals. (You have time to plan for the summit when that day comes.)



  1. Get a good physical from your doctor.  Make sure you are in good health.
  2. Read and understand the principles of acclimatization and altitude illness.
  3. If taking prescription drugs make sure you bring sufficient supply to last more than the length of your trip.
  4. Keep your guides and company staff informed of any previous condition or medical situation they should be aware of. Don’t keep it to yourself.

On the mountain

  1. Pace yourself.  Moving too quickly at altitude often leads to altitude illness.
  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. When you wake up, at breakfast, every rest break, before, during and after dinner.
  3. Manage your gear well.  Keep it dry, pack clothing in a plastic bag, keep your tent well organized.
  4. Eat well,  sometimes at altitude, your appetite can be less.  Try to finish every meal.  It will give you strength.
  5. Try to get good sleep at night.  It is essential for success.
  6. Communicate with your guides. Let them know how you’re truly feeling.  They can help if you have problems.
  7. Be a good teammate. Encourage others and others will encourage you.  We are much stronger as a group than as an individual.
  8. Have a small medical kit easily accessible while climbing containing moleskin for blisters, sunscreen, lip protection cream, (at least 30 pf),  and a sun hat.
  9. Keep a positive attitude. The mental condition to face a challenging climb begins home and must be trained as hard as the physical condition.
  10. Try to cope with adverse circumstances, understanding that some factors are beyond human possibilities. Weather is one of them.
  11. Know your limits. Don’t push yourself to the point of putting your life or the life of others in danger.
  12. Respect other climb mate’s time and space. An expedition can be a multicultural experience with people from all over the world. That means different cultural backgrounds, religions or philosophies. Everyone in one expedition is struggling to reach the same goal.

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